Picnic Zone

Rs.8,000.0 From / per night


  • People 10





for a small DAY TIME get-together of:

a group of 10 persons including cost of day rent for one aircooled tent cottage.

This offer is for a day trip starting at 11AM and upto Sunset.




Juice or Tea with biscuits.

(Bottled juice your choice / as per availability.

Please select any one, out of Lemon, Lichi, Guava, Mango, Mix fruit. )

Tandoor roasted Chicken starters.

Peanut Chaat masala (boiled peanuts with chaat masala and a dash of fresh lime)

Finger Chips, (Fresh potatoes fried in light soya oil with a sprinkling of chaat masala and flaming hot green chilli chutney)

Veg Pakoda ( Palak, Onion, Aloo, Chilli)

Freshly baked Popcorn & Roasted Papad,

Sprouts, (mix of choice grains like chana, moth and moong with a sprinkling of tomato, hara dhaniya, chaat masala, and a dash of lime.)

Salad and Sirka onion, diced onion for toppings

Green Chutney,& Tomato Sauce.


Chicken Masala, (Fresh chicken cooked in  a thick gravy of onion tomato and fresh spices garnered with accommodation to taste )

Two vegetable (Vegetables of your choice as per availability in the season. One with gravy and other dry)

Dal Tadka,

Rice, (Steamed Rice)

Chapati, (Either chula or Tawa chapatis)

Curd (Fresh curd with a dressing of salt and pepper sugar)

Ice Cream sticks mixture of various flavours.


Tea with rusk and biscuits

Use of one air cooled Tent as per availability.

Minimum Charges for a group 10 Guests are Rs 8000. Beyond 10 guests the per person rates are 500 per head.


Kindly note:

*Children upto 6 yr of age are free of cost and preferred guests of Mahua House.

*Children above 6 yrs of age are full ticket guests.

*Guests are responsible for decent behaviour, careful conduct and safety of self and family members during all outdoor and indoor activities and use of all facilities and sports / adventure equipment, bicycles,swimming pool and swings etc.

*RO water is readily available free of cost. It is cooled in refrigerators in reusable bottles.  *Please inform earlier if you prefer Bottled water 1 litre or Soda Water, which is chargeable extra at Rs 20 per bottle.


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